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If you are looking for a great idea for your students, look at 'Learn The Address."

Learn the Address

If you choose to participate in this project, please consider sharing with others what you accomplish. This next tool could be combined with the Learn the Address and produce some really neat videos.

Go Animate

Go animate

Using Photos to Make Comparisons

Pulse Media

Getty Museum

Getty Museum has added over 5000 images that are free. Use Them

Alternatives to You Tube

Alternatives to You Tube

White Hall

White Hall

Motivating Students What works and what does not. A Collection of videos

Student Motivation

If you really want to motivate students to read, let LaBron do it.


Kids love puzzles and brainteasers. Here is a great collection


This Page contains some new information and resources on Common Core. Check them out.

CCSS Lesson Plan Sites

Buck Institute

Common Core Curriculum Maps

Learn Zillion





Cosmo Learning

Technology PowerPoint

Watson Chapel PPT

Crowley's Ridge Presentation Link

Crowley's Ridge


12 Questions for the 21st Century

13 Resources for Social Studies Teachers

10 Ideas About the CCSS

Preparing Students for English Language Arts

9 Changes CCSS Will Make

Common Core Lessons

Read Alouds and CCSS

Myths About CCSS

Larry Ferlazzo Blog

Edutopia Resources

Websites to Create Online Tests

Asking Good Questions

My Scoops